Love for cricket


January 20, 2021

 Madness For Cricket

In India cricket is not just a sport it is treated as a religion. This game is being played for many years, it also helps in building relation among the countries and helps in upbringing of the economy. Many talented players have played this game for a long period of time. Legends are being remembered by this game. In India love for cricket is on another level.


There are various forms of cricket which can be seen like-

The most challenging one is test cricket as the name suggests it is the most difficult battle which goes on for 5 days, with 3 sessions per day and 90 overs has to be completed in a day.

The second one is the one day, in which there is a match of 50 overs between the teams, and the result is decided within a day.

The love for cricket in t-20 is the most. The last and the most popular one is the T-20 cricket which is in demand right now, the type of league has different fan base as this format is loved by all and we get the result within 4 hrs. 20 overs are bowled per side.

There are many records which are made by the legends, records helps to boost and motivate the performance of a person. It is also called as gentlemen’s game.

With the growing technology one can always be updated with the cricket match as there are many applications by which one can watch a match or can remain updated with the score like cricbuzz, hot star etc.

More than the cricketing skills one needs to keep in mind about his fitness, fitness is a key to success as only fit people are suited for this type of a game, one has to keep in mind his hygiene his fooding habits and proper exercise and training.

A cricket match is a game for some but for most it is a passion and a way of life. When you can feel the adrenaline pumping and the excitement level at an all-time high and the atmosphere charged with electricity it could mean that an exciting cricket match is in progress and is being closely watched by passionate cricket enthusiasts.

Cricket match is treat to the eyes as one can enjoy there weekends while watching the match, and can enjoy with the family. It also gives a sense of patriotisms among the members.

There are many events like world cup IPL champions trophy which keeps the viewers interested.

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